Normal skin acts as a barrier to protect our bodies from bacteria when there is damage to skin barrier ,such as with a cut ,eczema ,or a bug bite ,bacteria can enter throug microscopic cracks in the skin  and cause cellulitis.

Sometimes cellulitis can occur without a clear cause.It is important to seek medical care if you think you have cellulitis  as this condition is easily treated with medicine prescribed by a physician.It may  become serious if ignored

Symptom s

Patients with cellulitis will have a red ,painful rash .The rash can be anywhere on ythe body  but is most likely to occur on 1 leg .You may also experience swelling and warmth around the rash .If cellulitis is not treated with antibiotics the rash can expand which means that the infection is getting worse .Some other signs of worsening infection  are feeling tired ,fevers and chills ,blister around the rash.


The best for cellulitis treatment is antibiotics prescribed by physician.Depending on how severe your infection is ,you may receive antibiotics as pills or intravenously .Creams and salves that you can buy at drugstore without a presciption are unlikely to be helpful and may be harmful.Most patients will take 5 to 10 days of antibiotic pills.


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