Iceland Waterfall

Skogafoss is most often known as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland and that’s because it has all the ingredients of natural dream wonder.The amount of the water is impressive.The waterfall shape is almost perfect. The waterfall of about 60 M is incredible and the width of about 25m puts it in a spectacular view

Be outside the waterfall ,it won’t be very long before yoy get in direct contact with the incredible amount of spray continuously produced by falling water .On sunny days this amount of spray result in producing rainbow but sometimes when conditions are perfect it can happen to appear even two at once. and these are so “alive” and so close that you really think that touching then is not a matter of “how” but only of  “if” and “when”

Tp enjoy Skogafoss you don’t need any serious hiking. On the contrary .This is about 2 km from Icelandic “Ring Road” and is easily accessible and visible from the main road.

The proximity to the strong fall of the waterfall gives you the strong fall of the waterfall gives you the feeling of unique experience and and may even have philosophical valences. and that’s because it will give you the opportunity to see the world in whole new perspective  and the feeling of “small” in front of nature  will very likely cross your mind .Then climb the nearyy steps to enjoy an unforgettable view of the waterfall from the height.The view towards the Atlantic Ocean will be a well deserved bonus after the countlee steps

Kroksfoss is the important waterfall that can be seen along the Skoga Trail .Once you  get past Kaefufoss ,there’s won’t be seen any waterfall,that’s also due to the fact that the trail is moving a little away from the river -although ,in some places ,there are some falls of smaller water ,like Gliggafoss would be intresthing.

But as you move on the trail ,Kroksfoss will make your presence know several hundred meters before you reach it and that’s thank to the huge cloud of fog can be seen rising from the canyon (something depending on the waterfall flow ,it can make its prsence felt even from over a kilometer away) .Here the river gives you a remarkable impression ,like a ‘jet engine ‘.and that’s because water crashes from a height of approximately 44m ,in a narrow canyon,with a width of approximately 20 m.Because this canyon is quite narrow ,as the route approaches the waterfall,only about half of the waterfall can be seen without gradually descending the narrower and narrower “step”.But if you were to follow this path ,it will take a lot of caution and that’s because the waterfall is most of the time slippery.



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